Room Parents

Room Parents TBA by teacher.

*Room Parent Responsibilities: (*Each teacher picks a parent volunteer or 2 to become the “Room Parent”. )

Room Parents,

Thank you for volunteering your time as room parent.  We are happy and pleased to have you on board.  Your responsibilities are as follows:

1.  Take care of your classroom parties – Halloween, Holiday, and Valentine’s.

  • You will have approximately 1 hour to run your party with the exception of Halloween as the parade takes up 20-30 minutes of that time.
  • Things to do during your party – snack, crafts, games
    • Feel free to ask me for ideas; both the library and the internet are helpful as well.
    • The funding from parties comes from parent donations not the PTO.  Let your parents know this.  Be prepared to cover the party yourself, don’t go overboard.  You can choose to ask parents to donate the necessary items, or make an optional flat monetary donation to cover parties for the full year (think $5/student).
    • Over plan – you would much rather have more than enough activities then not.
    • Try to include anyone that wants to be involved.

2.  Be a liaison between your teacher and the parents.

  • Sometimes a teacher may need more glue sticks, supplies, or something special for the classroom.  They may ask you to email, type up a note, reach out to the parents in your classroom to help with these needs.
  • Be available to the parents in your classroom.  You are a resource and can help find answers about different questions they might have.

3.  Help find volunteers for Timnath’s functions, i.e. Silent Auction, Read a Thon, STEM Festival, Book Fair, etc.

  • Either PTO Room Parent Coordinator or our Volunteer Coordinator may reach out to you to find volunteers for different events in the school.  It will be part of your responsibility to fulfill those needs.  For example, we may ask every classroom to find 3 parents for 3 shifts at the book fair from your classroom.  We cannot make these functions happen if we don’t find the volunteers to run them.

4. Coordinate Freddy’s winning class party

  • The class with the most participation during Tuesday’s at Freddy’s will win an ice cream cake and Freddy’s Cool Kids Club tshirts.  You just need to communicate with the Freddy’s coordinator on a date and arrange the pickup of the cake.

Contact PTO if you’d like some examples of parties that  have done in the past.  We recommend you create a plan; submit it for the teacher’s approval.  Once you have the approval,  create a sign up genius for what you need to make the party a success.  The other thing that is really helpful is to create an email list of your parents in the classroom.  This will help you get volunteers and donations faster.

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